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The honest truth is

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If you know me or have worked with me in the past, you'll know that I value my production in action way more than doing things like updating my website. ( I'd rather just work and do a good job painting big stuff for people than have a website, but I have to have it ) sooo I am really fantastic at being out and creating, but if you want some updated info on my current projects over the last 3 years----

Please just check my social media. 

Also, just type my name into Google. Lots and lots of articles written involving my work over the last few years.  There are articles being written about me almost every month. 

Check those out by Googling ----  Katie Trainer Murals

It is much easier for me to update on the fly that way as I travel between cities and projects. I've been booked up constantly painting murals for about 3 years and they will always get my attention way more than a webpage. 


I am great at enthusiastic production.  This website slips through the cracks because I am so focused on my work. That's just how it goes until I take a break long enough to organize these last few years projects.  Thanks for understanding and finding this page endearing, at least to some extent.  Honesty in my inability to update this hopefully holds some value.

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