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Energetic Healing Vibration Necklaces

My intentional healing vibration jewelry is my own own hand wrapped copper wire wrapped energetic jewelry embracing concepts of electromagnetism naturally occurring in the stones make-up mixed with healing vibration intention of Reiki, Yoga, Qigong energetics and the simple concept of love and 528 hz resonance.  Each stone is charged in the sun and moon and cleansed to promote clear intention to flow through it.  The wrap I use is very simple and harnesses concepts of ancient acupuncture needles and their stimulating electromagnetic charge enhancing that which is below followed by a copper wire, aka copper coil wrap, which also generates a natural electromagnetic resonance similar to an induction coil concept, but embracing the stones natural properties.

Each has its own specific charge, but the intention generally is to assist the person wearing it to clear blockages in their energetic body which usually assists with clearing blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. All in all they are to promote clarity, clear blockages and promote the flow of natural well-being.

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