Reiki 1&2 Certification - 2015 in Oregon

Yoga Teacher Certification - 2016 in PA

"The greatest barrier you will ever cross is the one within your own mind. " Quote from my book What Are the Chances?

I am very passionate about the infusion of other cultures accepted healing modalities into my life's work. 

I began my yoga practice in 2011.  As I traveled across the country I expanded my practice by following sacred texts and studying other cultures ancient practices.  I had a private in-house Qigong teacher who studied and worked with Mantak Chia for 30 years in Oregon.  I moved from ancient Chinese inner alchemy to studing Japanese culture and recieved my Reiki 1&2 attunement from a teacher who studied and trained under a lama.

I practice Qigong every morning and although not certified in it yet, i do use a lot of Chinese medicine concepts in my wellness and energetic practices and studies.

This alternative energetic passion grew into a burning desire to know as much as I can which expanded into my the book and my art series.  The foundation of everything that I am doing is energetic and educational passion.