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Golden Ratio of Timelessness

West Reading, PA

On Cherry Street Mural Corridor- Cherry St. and 5th Ave.

Sentimental Value- My First Mural

This began as a graphite and ink hand drawn piece I titled, "Fibonacci Shell" (last picture) and I was set up on the street as an entertainer with my art and necklaces next to me when the man in charge of West Reading Cultural development asked me if I would like to do a mural of my piece.  I was honored.  I developed an intricate design that still embraced the concept of the seashell mixed with art throughout the ages and the design was accepted by the board.  The next month i began painting and in 3 weeks it was complete.  The day after it was complete, there was a sleet storm so it was finished just in time.


The Entire shape is designed from the Golden Ratio, Phi Ratio, Fibonacci Ratio, it has many names, but it is a repeating pattern of exponential growth in all of nature from the macro to the micro generally following the growth of 1.618.  I have it represented by feminine lines, the spiral, and masculine lines, the hard square lines which guides the eye toward the center of expanding historical art. The background has vibration and frequency lines also reflecting DNA aspects. I also incorporated stencils of the upper and lower case Greek letter phi to represent the ratio, symbols of spiraling hurricanes and galaxies which follow suit with the golden ratio and plants which grow to the ratio as well.  i intended for this piece to really embrace the concept of harmony in nature.  

Circles- Art throughout history- first circle beginning at aboriginals and cavepaintings, next is mesopotamian and aztec,  then Egyptian, then Greek pottery and tiles, next is buddhist and hindu, then Japanese with The Great Wave off Ganagawa and Chinese with bamboo and flowering tree, then Middle Ages and biblical art, then Da Vinci with Vitruvian Man and Mona Lisa (after so many attempts to get her right she now represents me) next is pointillism with Seurat and A Sunday on La Grande Jatte then Munck and the Scream and Picasso Les Demoiselle next is a Georgia O'keefe Poppy with a Dali melted Clock from the Persistence of Memory next is a Frieda self-portrait with Red, Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondriaan next is Jackson Pollack- esque with  next is Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol and Sunflowers then Keith Harring and last is street artist Banksy with girl with balloon.



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