Murals and Public Arts

Has taught public art over 5,000 students in 16 different school districts so far.
-Invited to receive the 2018 Townie Award for Community Revitalization through the Arts for my work on Cherry Street Mural Corridor
-Nominated to receive 3 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts  Specialized  Educator in the Arts Training Cohorts 
-Worked with 9 different Teaching Artist Residency Programs
In my first four years as a public artist I have created 70 solo project murals and assisted in 38 others all across Central / Eastern Pennsylvania in 16 different counties and 3 different states.
I have 4 murals in Museums currently and have another
2 planned for 2021.

I am a life artist with a mission for producing positive harmonious living through interwoven arts and sciences in a life project I call Theoretical Science Meets Art.  I have great motivation to inspire others to passionately build community through arts.


Award-winning muralist


Quick Fix Murals

-Cheap, quick paint job to brighten up a space or draw attention to a building or business

-No proper prep or proper clear coat

-Cheaper materials

-No longevity guaranteed longer than a few months

-Ranges $5-10 a sq. ft. depending on wall type, design, type of paint, concept or collaborations.

- Ask about non-profit or small business starter paint discounts or how you can go about fundraising strategies.  I will not be responsible for you generating your own funds for your idea


Standard Production


-Proper wall prep, primer and clear coat

-Original Design and time and up to 5 redesigns included in price

- Proper materials, highest grade UV resistant thick-body mural paint and proper production to ensure longevity

-Safe for interior and exterior

-Ranges $15- $25 a sq. ft. depending on size, complexity of design and type of wall.

Today’s progress. I transformed an accid

Sign Painting and Corporate


-All proper mural production techniques and supplies with highest grade UV resistant thick body mural paints 

- Designs and redesigns included in price

- Owner needs to ensure that the painting will not interfere with city regulations, codes, historical preservation or sign ordinances 

-Safe for interior or exterior murals

Ranges $20- $25 a sq. ft.


Small Budget SOlutions

There are ways you can reduce the price of the murals and still have high-quality unfading murals.


-Prime and prep the wall yourself (no guarantee on if you do it well)

-Clear coat it yourself

(no guarantee on if you do it well or use the right materials)

-Have a solid design and idea ready to go! Saves me hundreds of hours researching and redesigning for clients.

 -Have your funding figured out completely

-Maximize color vs. detail and design complexity.  I can cover a large space with big colors quicker than a full detail mural across a whole wall.  For instance, say the wall is a 20 x 10 ft mural (200 sq. ft) .  If the central piece is detailed and maybe 10 ft. by 12 ft (120 sq. ft) , we can save you money with flat colors on the outside.

Instead of 200 x $20 we could do  

120 sq. ft. x $20 a sq. ft


80 sq. ft. x $10 a sq. ft.