Murals and Public Arts

Has taught public art over 3,000 students in 14 different school districts so far.

-Invited to receive the 2018 Townie Award for Community Revitalization through the Arts for my work on Cherry Street Mural Corridor

-Nominated to receive 3 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts  Specialized  Educator in the Arts Training Cohorts 

-Worked with 9 different Teaching Artist Residency Programs


In my first three years as a public artist I have created 40 solo project murals and assisted in 38 others all across Central / Eastern Pennsylvania.

I have 4 murals in Museums currently and have another

2 planned for spring 2020.

I am a life artist with a mission for producing positive harmonious living through interwoven arts and sciences in a life project I call Theoretical Science Meets Art.  I have great motivation to inspire others to passionately build community through arts.


Award-winning muralist