Art from Nature

Using Nature as a canvas

                          Life is Art!

My snow sculpture today. I didn't have a valentine so I created a mermaid date
I spoke to the rocks _Seeking personal clarity, focus and power in my life, I was told to face my fe
The promote peace dragon protecting love #loveislove
My hybrid Octopenguin sand sculpture
You don't always need a plan.jpg  Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what hap
Snow sculpture I created at the entry of my parents house. The sun never hits here so it'll be there
I made a pikachu bc ambers mom won a game the night before and savannah picked a pikachu prize and l
Snowmobile heart art
_Everywhere you go, there you will be
Find zee balance in natuah
My dragon at the beach today
She was told that eight would guide her on her journey. Confused by where to go next, she asked the