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Exciting Art Times! Yay!

I have had such an exciting last 2 months in my artist career's birth! I completed a 40 ft. Mural in Marshall Math Science Academy during a 5 week S.T.E.A.M. Camp with 150 children and ever since that, I have been going non-stop in the creative realm.

Title: Innovation Inspiration

I mean, yeah, I have been having constant engagement in the artistic expansion of Lebanon, Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg and everything in between from creating murals to film fests to generating my own art series based up theoretical science meeting art.

The weekend after the completion of Innovation Inspiration, I completed my second mural on Cherry Street Mural Corridor in West Reading, PA. It is the 6th new mural on the corridor this summer, so far equaling over 20. Because of the response they received from this piece, I have been offered to do another mural. Title is soon to come.

Cheers to so much good happening!

#cultivation #fruitioncollective #collective #fruition #community #katietrainer #scienceartharmony #diversity #inclusivity #sciencemeetsart #scienceartharmony #lancaster

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