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So right after I finished that last mural I was given the challenge by the art coordinator or Zeroday Brewing in Harrisburg PA to put frames on my art pieces for my art show for third in the burg in down town Harrisburg. Being that it was my first art show in Harrisburg, I took this very serious.

So I just so happened to become friends with a wood worker right at this time and she needed help moving her apartment. So it became a very wonderful work exchange, especially since she was getting surgery on her ACL in three weeks and the crunch time was on.

She helped me craft incredible wooden frames out of old scrap pieces of barn wood and on opening night of my show, 7 pieces sold in the first 24 hours! It was the most successful opening night show I have ever had!

So excited!

I took people out into the parking lot to have free for all paint session on my van with tempura paint, a fun thing I began on my van a few weeks earlier.

Test successful.


Penn Live just so happened to be walking by when that happened and they put my art show and my painted van on the front of Penn Live's coverage of Third in the burg

Hot diggity dog! click that! ^

This leads me to need to create a lot of new work suddenly for my next show coming up at the North Museum in Lancaster in Sept-Dec. 2017.

But that is a whole differnt story.

#lancaster #scienceartharmony #sciencemeetsart #scienceartharmony #katietrainer #fruition #fruitioncollective #inclusivity #diversity #community

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