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After the success with my art show at Zeroday Brewery in Harrisburg which runs until August 17th, 2017, I have realized my need to prepare more works for my upcoming show at 

The North Museum from September to December 2017.  The first Friday of October will be the big show for this.

So I have decided to up my art and research some even more interesting theories to produce an entirely new, updated series of Science Meets Art.  I also decided to triple the size of my canvases and expand my art possibility by producing pieces in unconventional ways.

 Upcoming Projects I Have Currently

- Harrisburg Mural Festival

- New Mural in West Reading (content undeveloped yet)

- Lancaster Science Factory Mural  (Focus on Tensegrity and structural tension and science)

- Loading Dock at Fruition Collective in Lancaster (painting of historical relevancy of the timeline of the owner of the building.)

- Art Show at North Museum from Sept. to Dec. First Friday Showcase 

- Mural in Hershey, PA

- Huge Collaborative Art Demonstration for Sept. First Friday in Lebanon PA

- 12 x12 Art show in Lebanon PA for Sept. First Friday

- 'We Are Lebanon' Youtube series - Interview of me to be released soon

- Lancaster International Film Festival committee collaboration

- Governor's Awards in Lancaster participation and collaboration 

- Third Friday Music Friday Art Show coinciding with Sips 'n Bits.  I'll be the demonstrating artist at Fruition Collective on August 17 th in downtown Lancaster PA

- I'll be the demonstrating artist in Harrisburg on August 31st at an event TBA

- THE COMPLETION OF MY FIRST BOOK'S PUBLICATION -'What Are the Chances?' about traveling the country and using positive thoughts and intuition to guide me.

Publishing date expected by October.

- There are a few other events and things going on.  I will add them as I think of them.

But cheers to so much good!

#community #fruition #collective #cultivation #diversity #lancaster #scienceartharmony #sciencemeetsart #inclusivity #scienceartharmony #katietrainer #fruitioncollective

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