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Teaching Artist

I have taught over 5000 students in 16 different schools so far since 2017.

I have worked with 9 different artist residency programs.

What is a teaching artist?

Eric Booth states that a teaching artist (artist educator) is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills and sensibilities of an educator, who engages people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.

Interested in having me come out and teach at your school?

We need to figure out which artist residency program your school's county is located in because they will be able to support matching funds for the project. After the artist residency program is identified, we can contact the residency director who will facilitate all the program information and connect all the dots.

Artist Statement

I am a community revitalization artist specializing in emotional-shift-by-visual public art as a muralist and educator.  I have created over 70 murals and have taught murals to over 5000 students in 16 schools in 3 states, mostly in central PA.  I have 6 murals in museums and another 2 scheduled in 2022.

 I, along with several other muralists, received the statewide award for Community Revitalization of a Public Space, The Townie Award in June 2018 for my works on Cherry Street Mural Corridor in West Reading.

 I have mentored under some of the best community revitalization experts/artists in the state of PA in Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Boyertown, Muncy, Newport, Ephrata and Reading and have learned that mural production is a catalyst for change and is a powerful chance to shift an entire community.   I want to take these practices and share them and develop a network of artistic expansion everywhere I travel as well as all over my home state.


Katie Trainer

Muralist- Artist - Author - Magician – Energetics 


Has taught over 3000 students at 14 different school districts or education programs.

Award Winning Mural Artist- Invited to accept the 2018 Townie award for economic development in Downtown Revitalization of a public space in the State of Pennsylvania with West Reading’s Cherry Street Mural Corridor for my 3 science based murals in 2018

Some of the largest mural projects are listed below

Mural- West Reading Cherry St. Mural Corridor, PA 2016  - 180 Sq. Ft

Mural-  West Reading Cherry St. Mural Corridor, PA 2017 – 100 sq. Ft

Mural-  West Reading Cherry St. Mural Corridor, PA 2017 – 200 sq. Ft

Mural- Lancaster Science Factory- 2017 – 550 sq. Ft.

Mural-  North Museum Fibonacci Exhibit, PA 2018 – 200 sq. Ft

Mural-  Lancaster Historical Mural in Loading Dock, PA 2017 – 200 sq. Ft

Mural- Harrisburg- Marshall Math Science Academy- 2017 STEAM camp – 400 sq. ft.

Mural- Harrisburg- Marshall Math Science Academy- 2018 STEAM camp – 300 sq. ft.

Mural- Muncy Correctional Facility - 2018 – 400 sq. ft.

3 Photo Murals-  Lebanon 2017 –100 sq. Ft            

Mural-  Lancaster, PA  Nye’s Boxing Gym 2017 – 100 sq. Ft

Mural- Mosaic Highland Elementary Washington DC 2018- 45 sq. ft.

Mural Orland, California 2018- 80 sq. ft.

Murals- 2 Elementary Schools in Boyertown Courtyard and Entrance

2 Murals STEAM Camp Lancaster Science Factory Class

Ephrata High School Murals collaboration with Downtown Improvement District

Ephrata Akron Elementary Mosaic Class

Lebanon Democratic Headquarters Liberty Mural

Valley Animal Hospital Mural Palmyra PA

Food Bank Murals at Steelton Highschool

Lancaster Covid-19 Mural with PSA by Lancaster Public Art

Over 100 Downtown Improvement window paintings including Coronavirus Windows

8 Ice Sculptures with Chainsaws

Public Art Assistant in 15 other murals between Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg and Reading 2016-2018

Participant in over 150 other various arts projects and organizations 2016-2020

Designed Metaphysical Art Series —  Artist

January 2016 - PRESENT

 ‘What Are the Chances?’ —  Author

March 2013 - Present  -  Author

A true, psychological travel story of an inspirational, positive mindset.



HACC, Harrisburg Area Community College — Associates

January  2008 - May 2012

Associate's Degree in Arts and Communication completed while part time magician, landscaper and manager of a restaurant and banquet hall.


  • Visual and Emotional Community Revitalization Specialist

  • Enthusiastic about every step of the project’s development

  • Collaborative

  • Self-motivating and Ambitious

  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Passionate about Community

  • Adaptable and Innovative

  • Works well with all ages

  • Creative and Interactive

My teaching philosophy is that every student deserves the chance to understand why public art is important to building community and is welcome to hands-on physically create something big and real, using design skills and cooperation, to create something that will live on in the building for years after they leave it.  It is so important to get kids to take ownership in the things they do and to understand that they can make a difference in the world with their actions.

  • documentation of residencies including links to video

  • (optional) include partner observation comments and reflections

  • examples of student work (if you have them), youtube videos

  • your own reflections that support and enhance your work

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